Eric Meeker, DDS

Eric Meeker, DDS is a Florida-based dentist with a 5-star clinical reputation in over 20 years of professional practice. He has worked in nearly every type of clinical situation from million-dollar boutique settings, to the biggest corporate chains, to primitive mobile units. This firm is called Rock Star Dental Consulting because Dr. Eric Meeker is AKA Ric Size— a blacklisted artist, but nonetheless a rock star in every sense of the term.

Eric Meeker, DDS is an independent contractor, who maintain his own malpractice insurance, Florida dental license, and all other necessary credentials to practice dentistry. These will be digitally provided upon request, after contract ratification. This consulting firm teaches dentists by knowing & doing. We won’t ask any doctor or staff member to do anything we ourselves can’t (or won’t) do, which is the best proof of our intentions. For these unique & extraordinary services, we expect to be fairly & timely compensated, as our clinical expertise & tools are invaluable.

Struggling practices need these skills to survive against corporate dental & insurance companies, who have much greater clout & resources. For instance, does anyone believe an independent private practice can compete against a corporate giant like Aspen Dental, marketing wise? They’ve got a multi-million dollar budget and Danica Patrick as their spokesperson, what do you have? The point is if you try to compete at their game you will lose, because they have more money and all the influential connections. Dentists must become smarter, and practice better, with greater business efficiency in order to succeed today. Everything in business is cost-benefit, so the question comes down to: can you afford not to hire us?